Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a series of disagreement that occur between people, it can occur in many different aspects of life from your personal life to business. (Academic Leadership Support, n.d.) Conflict resolution is the process where a disagreement occurs with two or more parties involved and a solution/agreement needs to happen to solve the problem.  Dealing with conflict is extremely difficult and many do not like dealing, but something needs to happen to resolve the problem. (DOYLE, 2018)

conflict reso.jpg

Conflict resolution is an extremely useful skill to have and use when dealing with project management. It allows your group to communicate problems that occur within projects in a civilised and professional manner. It deals with the problem face on rather than allowing it to fester amongst the group and ultimately ruin your group dynamic. (Thomas, 2006)

Within Projects many problems occur and in order to solve them using conflict resolution you need to be able to communicate your problems with the dilemma calmly and rationally, you need considerate to others and respect their side and opened to being adaptable within the situation pride shouldn’t be an issue. You group/ project team will also need to establish an individual who will remain biased to have the final say of the problem if no resolution is met.  (Moloney, 2018)

Conflict management is needed within a project and the best way in my opinion is to face the conflict head on. It is the best way to solve problems and the fairest way of doing so.


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